The Herd

the heard

Our herd is comprised of all registered purebred French Alpine does.  We currently have 30 does, and three breeding bucks.  We are expecting 60-90 kids this year but plan to keep only a handful.  We’re taking orders for breeding does, as well as meat wethers.  Call or email me for a chart of availability and prices.  All but the few we will be keeping, need to be off the farm by early March.  I need the milk for cheesemaking and just don’t have the resources needed to raise that many babies well.  We test anually and our herd has always tested negative for CAE, Johne’s disease and brucellosis. The goats are on a herbal worming program and we use antibiotics only as absolutely necessary.  The girls are fed high protein hays – alfalfa, orchard grass/clover, and oat hay, a mixed whole grain ration during milkings, and free choice goat minerals and Icelandic Kelp as a supplement.  We hope to transition to an all GMO free custom grain mix this spring.

Munchin’ Hill Lilly -Lilly is one of our foundation does.  She has been a steady contributor to the herd and faithfully gives us three babies each year.  She is our “stealth” freshener having her kids when we have been watching her non stop and take a quick break to run into the house to get a drink of water.  A solid milker, Lilly is the namesake for our Chevre cheese – Lilly’s Chevre.  Lilly came back into heat unexpectedly late in this breeding season so we are awaiting results of pregnancy test to see if she has settled for an early May freshening.

Behrmann Farm Patience – Patience is easily the top milk producer at Suave Groundhog Farm.  A Po daughter, she puts everything into producing milk and seems happy to do so.  She has such a sweet laid back personality, and loves to be scratched and loved on – which she gets lots of around here! We also had breeding issues with Patience this year, so we are awaiting results of a pregnancy test to confirm she has settled for a late April freshening.  We retained her doe Grace from our 2013 crop and she was the only doeling to freshen from 2013 crop.  Grace was a solid producer this year as a yearling and is bred to Vlad for a mid Feb freshing.

Munchin’ Hill Alliance – Alli is also a Munchin Hill doe who came to us as a producing milker.  She has been a steady contributor, giving us triplet bucks one year and then quad bucks last year.  She is a steady milk producer, who thrives on routine and seems content to hang out in the shade and chew her cudd.  Alli is due to freshen ein our first wave in early February.

Behrmann Farm Promise – Promise is one of Patience’s daughters and I think is the prettiest doe in our herd.  I have long said if I were to pick, Promise would be my lawn ornament.  I just love to watch her out in the pasture.  She is looking quite round these days, bred to Vlad and due to freshen in late February.  We retained her doeling from 2013 crop, Cayenne who is bred to Starbucks and is also due for a first freshening late February.

Behrmann Farm Sarsparilla – Sassy is a very dairy, lovely, black and white doe who throws everything she has into producing milk.  She is the dam to Vienna Mocha Chunk, bred to Starbucks for an early Feb delivery.  Sassy has remained quite agile throughout her pregnancy this winter and is due to freshen early Feb.  We retained Sassy’s doeling Pistachio from 2013 crop and she is bed to Starbucks for a first freshening in early Feb as well.

Behrmann Farm Kona – one of Mocha’s daughters, Kona is a lovely tall feminine doe.  She has had difficulty  settling the last two years and we are awaiting confirmation of pregnancy for 2015 season.  If she has settled she is due early March.  We retained Kona’s doe, Snickers, from our 2013 season and she is bred to Crunch for a first freshening in early March.

Behrmann Farm Penny – This doe is another Po daughter,  a solid milker and has a very easy going personality and a lovely soft udder that make her a joy to milk.  We retained Penny’s daughter Diamond (my favorite from the 2013 season) who is bred to Starbucks and due mid February.  Can’t wait to see how this doe matures.  We retained a doe from Penny in 2014 as well, Sterling and she is bred to Starbucks for an early April freshening.  Penny is due to freshen mid February.

Behrmann Farm Accolade -Accolade is an Alliance daughter  who has been a steady producer and easy kidder.  She is bred to Starbucks for a mid February delivery.

Roeburn’s KVLW Anya – We were delighted to add Anya and her sister Maritsa to our herd from Roeburn Alpines in June of 2012.  Anya is all dairy and a super producer!  Anya is bred to Crunch for a mid Feb freshening and is looking really pregnant these days.  We retained her doeling, Makalu from last year who is bred to Crunch for a early April freshening.  Unfortunately we have not been able to overcome Maritsa’s breeding issues and she has not freshened for us.  She is dry again this year and enjoying her days grazing the pasture with Po and Mocha, two other senior does who are not longer in production.

Rainbow Colors Shanghi and Rainbow Colors Sparkle are two lovely does, a mother, daughter pair who joined the herd in 2013 and have settled in nicely.  Shanghi is bred to Vlad for a early Feb freshening, Sparkle is bed to Starbucks, also due in early Feb.  We retained Shanghi’s doeling, Beijing from last year’s crop and she is bed to Crunch for a mid March delivery.

Munchin Hill Carte Blanch and Rainbow Colors Minute to Winit joined the herd in 2013 as well.  We spent their first season working to get them better conditioned and they have both responded beautifully.  Carte is bred to Crunch for an early Feb freshening, and Winit is bred to Vlad for a mid Feb kidding.  We retained Carte’s doeling, Cadillac from last year’s crop and she is bred to Starbucks for a late March Freshening.

Munchin’ Hill Alouette and Munchin Hill Polly Vue joined us late 2013 and are both lovely additions to our herd.  Sweet personalities and the picture of health.  Both have been bred to Crunch and are both due Mid Feb.  We retained Alouette’s doeling from last year’s crop,  Mona Lisa, a beautiful tall, feminine doeling and she is bred to Vlad for a late March freshening.  Can’t to see how this doe matures!

Munchin’ Hill Passion found her way to Suave Groundhog farm with many stops along the way.  She reportedly had a tough life but was nursed back to great shape at Lapaysanne Farm and is a powerful doe.  We were so pleased to have her join our herd.  She is bred to Vlad for an early February freshening.  We sadly lost her doeling from last year, so I am hoping she will give us another doe this year.

Behrmann Farm Fern, Behrmann Farm Fresca , are 2 additional mature does in our milking herd.  Both are waddling around looking very pregnant and uncomfortable.  Fern is bred to Starbucks  and Fresca is bred to Crunch for early to mid Feb. freshenings.

Munchin’ Hill Danielethis two year old doe joined our herd from Munchin Hill last year as a milking yearling.  She is bred to Crunch for a mid Feb freshing.  She shows much promise and I am looking forward to seeing how this doe matures.

All our dairy products are hand crafted with milk from our small herd of purebred French Alpine dairy goats right on the farm. The goats are milked in our grade “A” certified parlor and the milk carried the few steps to our Grade A certified creamery and crafted into the variety of fresh and aged cheeses and yogurt we offer.