Cheese and Yogurt

     All our dairy products are hand crafted with milk from our small herd of purebred French Alpine dairy goats right on the farm. The goats are milked in our grade "A" certified parlor and the milk carried the few steps to our Grade A certified creamery and crafted into the variety of fresh and aged cheeses and yogurt we offer.

The Cheese
     Lilly's Chevre - The traditional "goat cheese", this soft spreadable creamy cheese are made weekly and finished with a variety of herbs and spices.  We named this cheese after one of our foundation does, Lilly, to honor her steady service to our dairy.  Varieties change weekly, but will include basil, black pepper, caraway,  seasoned salt, pineapple and natural.  Last year we began a series of seasonal varieties and are planning to continue this with a "flavor of the Month" featuring in season fruits and flavors.  This cheese is great spread on a bagel or with crackers, and can be melted over or used as a filling in stuffed pasta.
     Greek Style Feta - This traditional salty Mediterranean cheese is sold in storage brine.  It is great on salads, with crusty Greek or Italian bread and added to stir fry.  We age it 30 days prior to market, but it will last in the storage brine for months - though it probably will be eaten long before then!
     Classic Camembert -This soft and creamy cheese similar to its cousin "brie" is sold in small wheels covered with the natural white rind that helps develop the flavor and texture as this cheese ages.  A favorite of mine, this cheese is great melted on crackers or served sliced.  We age it 3 weeks - 4 weeks prior to market and it is great right away or allow it time to ripen and get softer and develop a stronger, sharper flavor.
     Queso Fresco -This fresh firm cheese is a mild sliceable cheese similar in texture and flavor to provolone.  We routinely make this in three varieties: Plain, Basil and Hot Pepper.  On occasion we have been persuaded to make some with Ghost Pepper to really spice things up.  It melts beautifully and can be a staple sandwich cheese or just eaten sliced.
     Potomac Sunrise - Our first aged cheese we introduced to our market customers in July of 2012 selling out the first week.  Feeback has been encouraging.  I did some with wax, but much prefer the natural rinds so will be doing all this way from now on.  This cheese is aged in our cheese cave for 2-3 months ages a bit firmer and has a nutty taste.  Great sliced,  melts beautifully - it will be a great addition to any cheese plate.
    Shenandoah Summer - This curd washed cheese is our take on Gouda.  Aged 3-4 months this semi hard cheese has a rich, full flavor.  Slices,  melts, grates well.  Great melted over pasta, or added to a club sandwich.
     Valencay - This ash soft-ripened creamy cheese has become the favorite of many and almost always sells out as soon as the make is ready.  I routinely get calls from folks who purchased this at market and want to get more to share with their other cheese loving friends.  This cheese is sprinkled with a thin  coat of ash and salt and allowed to age 3-4 weeks.  This pyramid shaped cheese is beautiful sliced and has a rich taste and texture - this cheese is great on a burger, or layered with tomatoes and squash in a striata.  
    Snow Buttons - These small Crotin buttons are another bloomy rind, ashed cheese.  Offered in small quarter pound patty's these lovely cheeses are perfect added to salad, sliced and served with flank steak or melted over your baked chicken dish to really dress it up.
‚Äč     Appalachian Silk - This cheese is only available seasonally.  Crafted from late season milk and allowed to age in a dryer than normal cave for 5months over the winter this lovely slightly sharp cheese is one to wait for.  We hope to make much more of this cheese this coming season so we won't sell out quite so fast.
    Winter's End - We were so excited to introduce this cheese and it has not disappointed.  This curds of this tomme style cheese is steeped in a strong beer at the time of hooping, and aged 5-6 months in our aging cave.  It has a dry texture with distinct slightly sour flavor that really comes through.  This cheese has become a favorite selling out at nearly every market where it is offered.
    Caerphilly - I decided to try this Welch Cheddar this last season and it was really fun to round out our cheese offerings with this moderately sharp firm cheddar cheese.  Loved the playful distinct name and this cheese lives up to expectations.

  Yogurt and Milk
    Our dairy license currently allows us to sell yogurt and milk only within the state of West Virginia.  You can find it at the Charlestown Farmer's Market, The Shepherdstown Farmers Market or right from the farm.  I usually bottle on Thursdays for Friday pick up.

     Natural Yogurt - Sold in individual serving size or in family sized quart tubs, our natural whole milk yogurt is a healthy treat.  We love to serve it during family meals or as a quick afternoon "pick me up" mixed with berries, nuts or spice.  Frozen blueberries are my favorite, but you can try adding nuts, vanilla and cinnamon, or granola.  It tastes great plain, too.  Try it on a baked potato or blended with frozen strawberries and your favorite sweetener for a great healthy smoothie.
     Yogurt Smoothie - My kids have named this "Goat-Gurt"!  Served in a dairy bottle, this quick healthy "on the go" treat is a perfect breakfast or after school snack on the go.  We offer it natural, Strawberry, Vanilla and Apple Cinnamon.  
Plans for 2015 Season:  I am planning to add a blue and an Asiago style cheese this coming season.  Look for our "Mountain Moonrise Bleu" in May and our first "Allegheny Autumn" late in the season.
Goats Hard at work making MILK!